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    Your Perfect Personal

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Step 4:  Bring it all together to create your perfect personal image and personal brand.



Thus far in this web site you’ve learned:

  • Your value and purpose in this world
  • Your body shape and what silhouette of clothing looks best on you (angular or curved)
  • Your face shape and whether it’s angular or curved
  • Your coloring: what colors look good on you, what color combinations work best for you, and what scale of contrast is most effective, considering your own color contrast profile
  • Your body proportions and where to place vertical lines and horizontal lines
  • Your body frame size and how important an element it is when determining appropriate scale
  • How to determine which scale of prints and accessories look best on you; and
  • You now have a better understanding of the world in which you move:
    • Your profession’s set of skills, personality traits and dress codes and how they compare to your own
    • Your industry’s set of skills, personality traits and dress codes and how they compare to your own
    • Your company’s set of skills, personality traits and dress codes and how they compare to your own
    • Who your clientele is, and how their skills, personality traits and dress codes compare to your own

Now it’s time to put it all together.  Let’s find the common threads, and then put them in order.

Look for the common threads between your profession, industry, company, clientele and yourself.  Look for commonalities such as:

  • Skills or talents: creative, analytical, being an excellent communicator, seeing special relationships, etc.
  • Personality traits: being an extrovert, introvert, approachable, or authoritative
  • Dress codes: uniforms, business formal, business casual, casual/casual, traditional colors vs more exuberant colors, conservative vs fashion forward lines

Next, using the tools we’ve learned thus far, and filtering your efforts through the common threads established above, determine the overall look that is best suited for your perfect personal image and personal brand.

Let’s start by determining:

  • Your dress code: business formal, business casual or casual/casual.
  • The appropriate silhouette for your clothing to follow your body shape
  • Two neutral colors (one either light or medium, and the other dark) and two colors that combine well
  • The best design lines for your particular face shape and the world in which you move
    • Curved or angular
    • Classic or fashion forward lines
  • The correct placement of horizontal and vertical lines
  • The shape and scale of prints (if desired)
  • The style, shape and scale of accessories
  • A hair style that complements your face.  The goal is to enhance your features without doing a lot of extra work. If needed, consult with a hair stylist, remembering that not all hair stylists are created equal.
  • Makeup applications that best suit your face. The goal is to enhance your features without these enhancements being obvious.  If needed, consult with a makeup artist, remembering that not all makeup artists are created equal.

Ways to alter your personal image and personal brand by infusing them with your skills and personality traits.  For instance:

  • If you are in a conservative profession, industry, or company, or have conservative clientele, and you would like to highlight that you are in fact a creative person, add more color, or more expressive design lines to your clothes, or wear accessories with a little more flare.  Don’t do all three.  You want to add just a hint of creativity — you want to impress, not alienate your conservative clientele.
  • If you want people to see that you are approachable, and you lean toward cool colors, wear colors that are on the edge of cool.  Also wear clothes with material made of relaxed fabrics.  For example, crepe wool or knits.
  • If you want to show more authority and power, wear long sleeves and clothes with classic lines that are made out of crisp fabric.

So how do you know if the personal image and personal brand you have created really works?  We’ll find out in the next section: Testing Your Results.