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      Test Your Personal



Step 5: Test your the results of  your new personal image/brand to make sure its working the way you expect.




Field testing is the most important step in developing your perfect personal image and personal brand.  Until you test and analyze your results, and look for patterns of response from the people around you, you really won’t know whether it’s working or not.

Think of yourself as a scientist applying the scientific method when testing and analyzing the results of your clothing/branding theories.  Every day you make clothing choices based on the theory that your choice will be beneficial in some way.  In the case of your professional wardrobe, your theory is that your clothing choices will support your professional goals and accelerate your success by encouraging your audience to view and respond to you as you would like them to.

A good scientist changes only one element or variable in the mix at a time.  You are operating with multiple variables: blouses, skirts, jackets, clothing accessories, hair, make-up, a particular audience, your mood on any given day, the mood of your audience, the difficulty level of the particular business project, etc.  Wear one combination and track the results.  Another day, try the same combination in as similar a setting as possible, with the same or a similar audience, but change one element…say, your hair, or your blouse.  Compare the results to your previous test.  If it looks like you’re on to something, test the same combination again another day just to be sure.  As you test in this manner, continue to modify your clothing, fine tuning as you go.

You are now beginning to craft your perfect personal image and personal brand choices based on objective criteria.  This puts you in control and lessens the “mystery” and “chance” behind your personal image and personal brand choices.

Feedback may be subtle (as opposed to receiving specific comments like, “Great outfit!”).  Subtle feedback can come in the form of better business responses on days you wear a particular outfit, or style your hair in a particular way. You got the job, the proposal was accepted, you made the sale, etc.  Watch for these subtle cues, make a note and look for patterns.

By focusing on creating a personal image and personal brand that compliments and supports your career goals, you are giving yourself an advantage that will accelerate your professional achievements.