The Whole Process

You can hire Joy to instruct you in the entire process start to finish.

  • Learn Joy’s Five Step Process
  • Create a Clothes Plan
  • Going Through Your Closet
  • Shopping Trip

Joy will coach you each step of the way to ensure that you understand every step of the process.  The goal is to teach you the process so when changes in any of the elements occur, you can adjust your Perfect Personal Image and Personal Brand to fit the new reality.

When you choose to have Joy help you in all four services, you will receive a 20% off the complete package.  In fact if you choose three of the four steps (excluding the Discovery Session) you will receive that same 20% off.

Joy’s goal is to empower you to continuously sharpen your competitive edge so that you are that person who dresses impeccable, who exudes confidence and who leave that lasing impression.