Shop Your Closet

Now it’s time to Shop Your Closet.  With Joy’s help, you’ll peruse your existing wardrobe and determine which clothes and accessories already fit within your new Personal Clothing Plan. Not only will this save you money, but your friends and family can benefit from the windfall of your newly purged wardrobe.

Clothes that fit your plan but not your body can either be altered, or given to charity.  Please note that if you do decide to alter your existing wardrobe, Image With Joy also offers alteration services.

Clothes that fit the plan and your body go back into your closet.

Not only will your clothes benefit from this close examination, but your jewelry, shoes and purses will as well.

After your one-on-one session with Joy, you’ll have pinpointed which clothing and accessories both fit and are in your Personal Clothing Plan, which items need repair or alterations, and which items need to be purchased.

Regarding charitable donations, Image With Joy supports the goals and mission of Dress for Success. If you decide to support this charity as well, Image With Joy will be happy to bring your donation items to them at no additional charge.

Now it’s time to Round Out Your Wardrobe!