Five Step Process

In the Discovery Session you and Joy created a plan to determine your Impeccable Personal Image and Personal Brand.  Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and become that person; the one who dresses impeccably, who exudes confidence, and who leaves a lasting impression.

To do this, you’ll need to explore the Five Step Process, either on your own, or if you’d prefer, through Joy’s one-on-one guidance.

With Joy’s coaching, you’ll navigate the Five Step Process, learning in great detail about your internal self, your external self and the world in which you move.  Understanding these elements, and linking their common threads, will help you create your personal image and personal brand.

And finally, through field testing, you’ll refine your image and brand. As a result, you’ll know, understand, and be able to intimately craft the various components of creating your personal image and personal brand.  If any element changes, you’ll know precisely where and how to adjust it, empowering you with tools to continually sharpen your competitive edge.

Click here to get started with a self-guided tour of the Five Step Process. Or if you’d prefer, contact Joy to schedule further consultation.

After completing the Five Step Process, your next step will be to Create a Personal Clothing Plan.