Another important component in creating your perfect personal image and personal brand, where you are the one leaving a lasting impression rather than your clothing, is to understand and capitalize on your coloring — your skin coloring, and the color of your hair and eyes.

Determining your coloring profile serves three purposes:

  1. Color Analyses – This determines which colors look best on you, including color hue, value, intensity and saturation.
  2. Color Combinations – This identifies color combinations (Complimentary, Analogous, and Triadic, and Mono-Chromatic color schemes) that compliment your skin, hair and eye color (more on this in the following sections).
  3. Scale – The color component of scale is one of three elements used in the application of proper scale, steering you towards appropriately scaled prints, and suitably scaled accessories (i.e., the visual weight of scarves, jewelry and purses).

Why is color analysis so important? Understanding color analysis and applying its principals can be the difference between looking younger, healthier, alive and energetic or older, unhealthy, dull and tired. Consider the difference between these two pictures:


Do I look best in warm colors?

Do I look best in cool colors?

Which of these two pictures is the one you’ll remember? Which will leave a more lasting positive impression? Which photo reflects the person with the better personal image and personal brand?

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