Understanding Body Shape

Now that you know which body shape is yours, you can steer toward clothes with the appropriate silhouette.

Next is understanding how horizontal lines and vertical lines work with your particular body shape.

Horizontal lines stop the eye in its track, putting emphasis on certain parts of your body. This can make the areas in question appear larger. What parts of your body do you want the eye to stop at, and which parts do you want the eye to skim over? If you are very thin, this point isn’t as critical; however, how many of us are truly very thin? For most of us, this question bears consideration.

If you are an X-, S- or A-shape, where would you want the eye to stop? The waist!

If you are an A-shape, you definitely don’t want the horizontal lines to land at your hips. Horizontal lines should always stop at least two inches above or below your problem area, thus de-emphasizing it.

Vertical lines allow the eye to pass over areas, cutting the areas in question and making them appear thinner. Let’s use the A-shape again. When looking for A-shaped dresses, look for ones with princess lines. These vertical lines will draw your eye to your knees and cut the hip area, making it appear thinner.