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       Your External Self



Step 2:  Understand your external self — your body configuration and coloring — and how to incorporate this knowledge into creating your perfect personal image.




Understanding your external self is key to creating your perfect personal image and personal brand. The best way to do this is to take cues from five different body elements:

Understanding your body shape informs the overall shape of the clothes best suited for you as well as the placement of lines, both horizontal and vertical.

Your face shape clues you in to the best shapes for design details (collars, lapels, and pockets), as well as those of your prints and accessories.

Your coloring (skin, hair and eyes) determines the color of your clothing and accessories. In addition, the difference in color-intensity between your skin, hair and eyes is one of three components used to determine the appropriate scale for your accessories and prints. Your body proportion and body frame size also give you clues regarding the scale of your accessories and prints.

Ultimately, when the shape, color and scale of your clothing and accessories fit your body, you come alive. You look impeccable. You exude youth, health and energy, and leave a lasting impression, drawing people to you and lending gravity to what you say.