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Joy Harns Kent
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Joy started Design With Joy, Inc. in late 2003 designing and constructing custom professional clothing for women because in her own experience she had a hard time finding professional clothes that fit her body.  After having many conversations with other women she discovered they were having the same problem.

When talking with women in various networking venues, she discovered a lot of them did not understand that how they present themselves is telling the world who they are.  These same women were complaining that their careers weren’t as successful as they would like.  The problem was their message was the wrong message.

Joy also noticed that some women who wore the right clothes were also not getting noticed.  She wondered why.

Joy watched and got to know a few of the one or two people in the room who dressed impeccably, who exuded confidence and who left a lasting impression.  She studied them to find out what they did different than the rest.

Over a four year period of time she developed her five step process of understanding both your internal and external self, the world in which you move, to create your perfect personal image and brand, and finally testing to make sure it works.

In late 2011, Joy changed the name of her business to Image With Joy, Inc. She did this because her true passions lay with coaching women to become one of those people in the room whose seamless personal image and self-assurance draws people to them and lends gravity to what they say.

Joy graduated from Weber State University with a BS in Accounting — followed by an MBA from Golden State University — which led to a 17-year career as an accountant, financial analyst and budget expert for energy and telecommunications utilities, with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Nevada Public Service Commission and a Beaverton, Oregon, food manufacturer. After 17 years of corporate work and travel, Joy was burned out. Now living in the Portland Oregon, area, she went back to school to follow her own passion and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in apparel design from Art Institute of Portland.

Joy lives with her husband Curt and son Jake in West Linn, where she tends her vegetable garden, and is always renovating some part of their home.

Joy also volunteers with the local chapters of Dress for Success and PEO, two national nonprofit organizations focused on empowering women to take charge of their education and careers.

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