The Science of Dressing Impeccably

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress;

Dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

~ Coco Channel


So many people believe dressing impeccably is an art and it’s something you’re born knowing.  They also believe you have to have that perfect body which is based on what they see in fashion magazines.  Finally, they believe you have to have a lot of money to spend on the clothes, accessories, hair, makeup, etc.


I’m here to tell you that anyone can dress impeccably, any body shape, size and income level.  You can acquire this knowledge in a very scientific way and it can be very easily applied.


Before we get into the scientific method there are a few facts I want you to know.  First, the fashion industry uses women (or girls) who are tall and slender.  Most women (or girls) have the body type where the shoulders, waist, and hips are visually appear the same.  This body type is used because most clothing styles and design detail look great on their body type.


Secondly, most fashion designers design for their muse.  Ralph Lauren’s muse is his wife who is slender with a rectangular body (shoulders, waist and hips visually appear the same).  Dona Karen’s muse is herself with a more curvy body.


Finally, the body type most prevalent among woman is pear-shaped or hippy, and short waisted.  This body shape is most suitable to carry and have babies.  Not every style of clothes looks good on this body shape.


So the question is how do you know what clothes enhance your body?


When looking at clothes one needs to consider the following fundamentals;

  • Clothes silhouette
  • Inside lines (shape of collar, pockets cuff, prints to name a few)
  • Color
  • Placement of horizontal lines
  • Placement of vertical lines
  • Scale of prints and design detail


To determine what clothing fundamentals enhance your body, you need to consider five different body elements:

  • Body shape
  • Face shape
  • Color of skin, hair and eyes
  • Body proportion
  • Body frame size


Understanding your body shape gives you clues to the overall shape of the clothes best suited to you, as well as the placement of lines, both horizontal and vertical.

Your face shape clues you in to the best shapes for design details (collars, lapels, and pockets), as well as those of your prints and accessories.

Your coloring (skin, hair and eyes) determines the color of your clothing and accessories.  In addition, the difference in color-intensity between your skin, hair and eyes is one of three components used to determine the appropriate scale for your accessories and prints.  Your body proportion and body frame size also give you clues regarding the scale of your accessories and prints.

Ultimately, when the shape, color and scale of your clothing and accessories fit your body, you come alive.  You look impeccable. You exude youth, health and energy, and leave a lasting impression, drawing people to you and lending gravity to what you say.


Keep reading and studying this blog and the information in this website to learn what fundamentals work best for you and your body.

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